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"Booze-Up caters to those spontaneous nights!"
Best alcohol delivery services to top up your home supplies
GQ Magazine - February 19, 2021
"Booze Up claims to be able to bring you wine in under 15 minutes"
Wine on Demand?
Bloomberg News - November 03, 2017
" 27% of parents confessed they had been asked by their children to buy alcohol for them"
One in Three Parents Would Buy Children Alcohol
The Spirit Business - April 20, 2016
"27% of parents confessed they had been asked by their children to buy alcohol for them"
Top 10 Hangover Cures Ranked by Drinkers
Morning Advertiser - May 29, 2016
"Midnight cravings for a delicious night cap don’t have to go unsatisfied"
Where to Order Alcohol During Lockdown
Metro Newspaper - November 06, 2020
"Despite the company which owns Corona reporting £132million in losses, Booze Up has seen a 200% increase in demand for the beer."
Liquordy-split: Alcohol delivery company reports 1,000% increase in visits due to coronavirus
SW Londoner - April 13, 2020
"Forget hair of the dog, the best way to beat the booze up blues is actually a lot tastier."
Feeling worse for wear? Britain’s favourite hangover cure revealed
Daily Express - June 28, 2016
"The study was conducted by alcohol delivery service Booze Up."
Boozy Brits spend TWO years of their lives nursing a hangover, according to study
Daily Mirror - May 24, 2016
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