House Whisky - 350ml

House Whisky - 350ml




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Whisky is a rigorously regulated spirit globally with many different classes and types. The common unifying properties of the different classes and types are the fermentation of grains, distillation, and ageing in wooden barrels.
Arthur Bell, in 1851, began to blend various single malt whisky's together to create a more consistent blend of Scotch. Arthur Bell was initially known as a whisky manufacturer to appoint a London agent, by at least 1863. Auther Bell's two sons entered the business in partnership in the year 1895. Arthur Kinmond (1868–1942) was elected to manage the regional market, and Robert was, selected as head of the brands overseas. By the late 1800s, the company was more focused on blended whisky.
Arthur Bell died in 1900. In 1921 the corporation became a private firm run by Arthur Kinmond after Robert withdrew to live as a country gentleman.
The end of Prohibition in the US created a rush in demand, which led Arthur Bell & his two Sons to acquire two more distilleries in 1933: Blair Athol and Dufftown. In 1936 the Inchgower distillery was also obtained.

The Bell's whisky brothers died in 1942 and the corporation accountant, William Govan Farquharson, shifted to the chairman of the business. He focused on advertising the Bells Whisky brand more heavily. Bell's became a public company in the year 1949. In 1954, Arthur Bell exported to over 120 different countries.

By the year 1970, Bell's whisky was the largest selling whisky brand in Scotland. At the beginning of 1970, Bell's whisky could not afford the advertising budget of the bigger whisky distillers. Alternatively, they focused on the use of mixers with its product. This strategy amazingly increased the product's popularity among the women, and Bell's profits rose by 800% within 1970 and 1979. In 1978 Bell's whisky became the United Kingdom's biggest selling whisky. Much of the credit for this expansion is, given to the then managing director Raymond Miquel. Moreover, by the year 1980, the business had roughly 35 percent of the market share in the United Kingdom.

Arthur Bell & Sons whisky got Gleneagles Hotels in 1984. In 1985 the corporation was obtained by Guinness for $518 million and subsequently absorbed into Diageo.

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