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Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey is a Diageo name of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is described by having a remarkably high rye content for a Bourbon Whiskey (at around 28% of the mash bill) and being aged for at least six years. The Bulleit Whiskey bottle is clear glass with inflated lettering and an orange label and black print on it, sealed with a cork stopper in a few of the various markets. The Diageo Company owns the Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey brand, and the Bourbon Whiskey is, produced at the Kirin Brewing Company the Four Roses Distillery in the U.S, Lawrenceburg, in Kentucky. It is, first bottled at 45% Alcohol By Volume (90 proof) for the United States, Canadian, British, Dutch and Mexican markets. For Danish and also the Australia markets, it is, bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It is, also shipped and sold in Norway, Germany and Sweden.

So why not try the Bourbon Swizzle Cocktail a new way to enjoy a Bourbon Whiskey.

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