Captain Morgans Spiced Rum 350ml Bottle

Captain Morgans Spiced Rum 350ml Bottle




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Product type: Rum

Vendor: Captain Morgan

Tags: Losing Tempo


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Captain Morgan is a 100% Fine Caribbean Rum with spices and other natural flavours added to make its unique taste.

The icon Captain featured on each bottle is, in fact, Sir Henry Morgan born in 1654. He really was a Captain, well, more of a pirate, actually. He was Welsh-born but was found sailing through the Caribbean seas, basically attacking Spanish interests and settlements on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen!

Captain Morgan excelled in this region, because he was clever and fearless. By 1688, he had become the top dog of the Brethren of the Coast, a group of privateers and pirates in the region.

Captain Morgan had no connection to what became the “Captain Morgan Rum Company,” mainly due to its launch during 1944.