Faustino VII Rioja

Faustino VII Rioja




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Faustino VII Rioja Red Wine Delivery | Faustino Rioja Delivery | Rioja Wine Delivery

Four generations and 150 years worth of experience go into ensuring that this Tempranillo from Faustino is, created to the highest standards, from growing its vines, to vinification and bottling, Faustino aims for the highest control over production so you can be assured of quality wine every time.

Wine of Rioja, Spain Tempranillo, Faustino VII, with its inviting fruity flavours, is perfect to go with starters, everyday red meat dishes and poultry. An ideal wine for barbeques and social occasions.

Rich jammy fruits with slight hints of sweetness, vanilla and spice on the finish, evidence of the ten months it has spent in new American oak.

For years, portraits by Rembrandt and El Greco, and of Gluck the composer have gazed out of Faustino bottle labels. Their art has been the inspiration of one of Spain's greatest family owned bodegas since 1861.

Faustino's vineyards are, located in the upper part of Rioja Alavesa, Northern Spain, and enjoy the best geographical conditions and climate to produce the highest quality wines: short, hard winters, with lime clay soil, land characterised by foothills, gorges and hillsides. The vineyards also benefit from an altitude of between 400 and 600 metres.

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