Fosters Beer - X12 Pack

Fosters Beer - X12 Pack




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Foster's Lager is an internationally distributed Australian brand of lager. It is, owned by the South African brewing group SABMiller and is, brewed under licence in some countries, including the UK, where the European rights to the brand are, owned by Heineken International.

Foster's annual sales amount to around 500 megalitres worldwide, mostly buoyed by UK sales, where it is the second highest selling beer after Carling. While known internationally as the quintessential Australian beer brand, Foster's does not enjoy widespread popularity in Australia compared to other CUB beers such as Victoria Bitter, Emu Export, or Carlton Draught.

Foster's was, created by two Irish-American brothers, William M and Ralph R Foster, who arrived in Melbourne from New York in 1886.The brothers began brewing Foster's Lager in November 1888. It was made available to the public from February 1889.The product was first exported in 1901 when bottles were, sent to Australian combatants in the Boer War.

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