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Haig - also known as Dimple, Dimple Pinch, or Haig's Pinch.

Haig Club is made at Cameronbridge distillery one of Scotland's oldest distilling dynasties crafted using a unique process that combines grain whisky from three cask types. This creates a fresh, clean style that showcases butterscotch and toffee for an ultra-smooth taste.

Haig Club is, predominantly made from wheat, not malted barley (technically it's 90% wheat, 10% malted barley) and it's produced not in a pot still but a column still – a technical innovation also pioneered by the Haig family in the early 19th century in the same distillery where Haig Club is, now made.

Haig Club is, built on nearly 400 years of distilling heritage, and the House of Haig can trace its whisky producing roots back to the seventeenth century.

​The Haig Club unique bottle design draws on a history of innovative bottles produced by the House of Haig, including the Haig Dimple Bottle, recognisable the world over.

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