Starburst Sweets 45g

Starburst Sweets 45g




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Product type: Sweets

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Starburst was invented around the year 1960, in the United Kingdom. According to some rumors, a man named Peter Pfeffer made the originally named version of starburst for the first time in 1961. However, he called the candies Opal Fruits back then. During that time, there were simpler flavors of the candy which included lime, orange, lemon and strawberry.

Mars Company brought Starburst and decided 5 years later to market it across the UK. After some success, the sweets then traveled to the US in 1967, under the name of Opal Fruits, where they were eventually renamed to Starburst.

There are several indicators that Starburst was briefly sold under the name “M&M Fruit Chewies”.