Still Water Delivery 1.5ltr

Still Water Delivery 1.5ltr




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Spa Still Bottled Mineral Water Delivery Service

Spa Mineral Water. SPA Reine which is from Belgium's Ardennes Mountains and has been on the short list of water since 1583. The spa is the capital of the Fagnes, and has been, nicknamed "The Pearl of the Ardennes." Spa's history Echoes the footprints of Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Peter the Great, violinist Henri Vieuxtemps, the composer Gounod and Pauline Bonaparte, all of who devoured and bathed in spa water. The land around the spring has been, protected from pollution for centuries, and SPA Monopole, the owner since 1921, has had the 3.4 hectares incorporating the area of affluence and production protected by law since 1937. Spa Reine is incredibly almost 33 TDS, with a scant 1.9 milligrammes per litre of Nitrate, but a modicum of silica which contributes to the openness of its Spa mouth-feel, and pleasantly changing the taste of a 6.0 pH water

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