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16 Different Drinks and Their True Origins

16 Different Drinks and Their True Origins

Are you curious as to whether what you are drinking is actually 100% genuine? We disclose all there is to know that what you are drinking isn't a form of counterfeit.

It’s always a proud thing to know that an individual product or item is exclusive to your country. Several types of alcoholic drinks such as Vodka and Rum can be made anywhere, but some unique drinks can only legally be made from one specific place, and are preserved by guidelines or agreements.

Here is a look at some of the places 16 favourite drinks can only be made in.

1. Champagne: We all enjoy a glass of champagne, but did you know that an actual bottle of champagne can only be produced in the Champagne region of France. Meaning what you are drinking might just be counterfeit.

2. Scotch whiskey: yes the reason it is called Scotch whiskey is because it’s made exclusively in Scotland. The whiskey matures completely in Scotland, in 700-liter barrels and an ABV greater than 40%.

3. Port wine: Unlike in America where the term ‘port’ is regularly abused, in Europe a red wine can only be referred to as ‘port’ if it’s made in Douro Valley, Portugal.

4. Cognac: this much-loved grape brandy is solely created and derives its name from the wine-growing town of Cognac in France.

5. Tequila: who doesn’t love a shot of tequila? Well, you can thank the Mexicans later. Tequila is only ‘tequila’ if made in the area around the city of Tequila, in the Mexican state of Jalisco located in the central west.

6. Bourbon Whiskey: Americans would be proud to know that they own Bourbon whiskey. That’s right, despite what you think, it's only Bourbon whiskey if made in the United States of America.

7. Kölsch: This less bitter, smooth beer is a German creation that can only be brewed in Cologne, Germany. Regardless of several breweries trying to imitate it, the Kölsch style remains original both legally and otherwise.

8. Plymouth Gin: This unique variety of gin is legally only made in Plymouth, England. Made by the Black Friars Distillery, the sole gin distillery in the city.

9. Pisco: This yellowish to amber-colored brandy originates from the wine making regions of South American countries, Peru and Chile.

10. Marsala wine: if you’ve ever made Marsala sauce then chances are you’ve used Marsala wine. This fortified wine is made exclusively in Marsala, Sicily, Italy, and comes in two types, a sweet version for cooking and a dry version for drinking.

11. Madiera wine: this fortified wine is made in the islands of Madiera, Southwest of Portugal. Never mind the several attempts to copy it; they are still the only ones with the legal rights to call their wine Madiera.

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