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Westminster, London's Most Exclusive Clubs & Bars

Westminster, London's Most Exclusive Clubs & Bars

Westminster, London is a lively, fashionable city that’s home to a lot a lot of attractions including several elegant clubs & bars that will leave you with nothing but a glorious experience. Take a look at some of Westminster’s exclusive clubs and bars.

Cinnamon Club:

This bar and restaurant occupying the site of former Westminster Library is most likely one of the most surreal wine and dine experience you will ever have. After a slight reinvention, the club reopened in 2015 to give patrons a taste of exquisite combinations of Indian and European flavours. The décor will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into a Bollywood movie scene, with the leather door, low wooden tables, and bowls of floating fragrant candles. The highlight, however, is the premium drinks and tasty array of cocktails the club offers. Take your taste buds on a trip with choice cocktails like the Scoville Surprise, and the Bollywood passion martini, and if cocktails aren’t your thing, enjoy premium whiskies of all types or settle for a nice cold bottle of beer and other non-alcoholic choices. All the goodness that the Cinnamon Club has to offer, however, comes at high prices of up to £150 for a meal, that being said it might be worth the dime.

Primo Bar:

Primo Bar is a one of a kind Central London bar that gives you great live music and deliciously exotic cocktails. With talented mixologists on staff, their cocktails cannot be over-praised. Alongside their signature cocktails are other equally refreshing drinks, including varieties of teas and coffees, martinis, beers, soft drinks, gin & vodka, whiskey, rum & tequila, and several wines. Just in case you are hungry the restaurant offers bar bites like soups and sandwiches and sharing plates.

Century Club:

This exclusive members-only club is located at Shaftsbury Avenue and named after the 100 steps of its stairway that stretch over four floors and features three cocktail bars, a screening room, restaurant, and its masterpiece, a large rooftop terrace. Century Club offers a discrete venue for drinks, tasty meals, and adequate entertainment, with breathtaking views of the West End atop its rooftop terrace.

Anchor London Sky Bar:

A list of Westminster’s exclusive clubs and bars would not be complete without mentioning the London Sky Bar. Sitting on top of Westminster’s Millbank Tower, this location is well known for its extensive and beautiful views of the capital. Although its food and drinks are on the expensive side, they come with the expected high quality, and a friendly staff to serve. London Sky Bar is the place to go for an unforgettable experience on that special occasion.


Annabel’s is one of the most elegant private clubs in Westminster, London. Located on Berkley Street in London’s elite Mayfair district, the club offers its members a relaxing and private time, with quality drinks of all types, and meals prepared by world-class Chefs. Members also enjoy several entertaining and even educating events hosted at the club; in addition to this, there are several posh private rooms for a one of a kind dining experience. 

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