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A Step By Step Guide to Making Mulled Wine

A Step By Step Guide to Making Mulled Wine

Making mulled wine can be a challenging task is the person preparing does not know the steps to make it. Therefore it is essential to ensure you have the right tips on how to prepare mulled wine before you even think of making one. You do not need to buy as many ingredients as the one you need when making a whiskey. This article discusses some of the essential steps on how to make a mulled wine. Those steps include;

Step 1. Prepare all the ingredients

To make mulled wine, you need to have all the essential ingredients with you. Unlike the other type of beverages, mulled wine requires few ingredients and a maximum of 20 minutes to prepare everything. Some of the essential ingredients that you need to make mulled wine include wine (red or white wine), oranges (some sliced and others for garnish), cloves, cinnamon stick and other for garnish, star anise, honey, mulling spices, sweetener, and brandy. After getting all the above-listed ingredients, now let begin the process.

Step 2. Combine all the ingredients

Here you need to prepare all your ingredients and put them in a saucepan. Ensure you have a saucepan that is bigger enough to accommodate all the ingredients that you are using. After you have placed everything on your source pan, now give the ingredients a quick mix. When you stir the ingredients, they will mix in the best way. Once you finish with this step, you can now consider proceeding to the next stage.


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Step 3. Simmering

Simmering the mixture is the next step when making a mulled wine. While you are heating the combined ingredient, now you need to simmer the wine for about three hours. During the simmering period, ensure you reduce the heat to prevent the wine from boiling off like alcohol. This step helps to ensure all the content present in the ingredient gets extracted well.

Step 4. Strain and season

Straining and seasoning is the third step when making a mulled wine. Here you need to use a fine mesh filter that will help you to discard the solid remains. Some of the essential thing you need to sieve in this step include the cinnamon sticks, the star anise, ginger solids, orange slices, and cloves. The solution left should be free from any solid since you are preparing the final wine in this step. You can repeat this step using a finer mesh strainer to ensure even the smallest solid particles get removed from your mulled wine.

Step 5. Serve

Depending on the volume of wine that you have prepared, you can serve a varying number of people. Remember, if you need to make a considerable volume of wine, then you need to increase the capacity of ingredients you are using. In this step, you should serve the mulled wine in a heatproof mug topped with your best garnishes.

After following all the above discussed keenly, you will be able to make a mulled wine easily and enjoy the drink with your friends.

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