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How to Make Vodka from Sugar

How to Make Vodka from Sugar

How to Make Vodka from Sugar

Have you been looking for a guide to make your alcoholic beverage at home for a long time? Then you not to worry anymore. That is because this article will give you a step by step on how to make vodka from sugar. Studies indicate that many people get attracted by the idea of making an alcoholic beverage. One good thing with this idea is that you do not need to have many things as your ingredients. You will only require yeast, sugar, water, and follow a few steps to make vodka. Below are some of the few things you need to make vodka. They include;

  • Sucrose
  • A nice fermentation vessel (must have a closing lid)
  • Yeast

Choose the right fermentation vessel

A fermentation vessel is among the essential things one will require when making alcohol. It is crucial to know that not every vessel will be suitable to use. Remember, there will be various reactions to take place before the alcohol becomes ready. Therefore the best-recommended vessel to use should be safe for consumption. Things such as metallic vessels are not appropriate. You can choose to use things such as plastic or glass vessels. Therefore depending on the quantity of vodka you want to make, you can choose vessels with varying volumes.


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  • Always ensure you leave extra room for the fermentation process

Having chosen the best vessel to use, now you need to know that after preparing everything required, you should leave some extra room in your vessels. Many people make a mistake of preparing alcohol that occupies all the volume of the vessel. It is crucial to leave some extra room. The extra room allows foam and gases to form during the fermentation process. Remember, if you do not leave some extra room on top of your solution, the pressure generated during fermentation will pop the lid away and create room for contamination.

  • Prepare the lid and clean the equipment

In this step, you are almost ready to prepare the alcohol. You need to prepare the lid by creating a medium-sized hole on the lid. The hole will be closed by the right size rubber grommet. After fixing the grommet, now you need to fit the airlock on top and consider your vessel ready. The final step for preparing the vessel is by cleaning it thoroughly.

  • Determine the right amount of sugar to ferment

Since we are making our alcohol using sugar, you need to know the if you use more sugar, you will get more alcohol provided that the yeast will be able to process all the sugar you use. Using little sugar will result in a weak batch. Therefore, always ensure you do not use more sugar than the recommended quantity on the yeast packet.

  • Dissolve the sugar

For cleaner alcohol, it is essential to use purified water. Using a separate pot, you need to mix the sugar using warm water with about 32 °C.


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  • Pour the solution on the vessel

After all the sugar has dissolved, now you need to pour the solution to the fermentation vessel that you prepared earlier. In the process of fermentation, all the sugar will get broken down to form alcohol.

  • Add yeast

In this step, you need to have a funnel to help you pour the yeast quickly to the sugar water solution. After adding yeast, ensure you stir the solution well.

  • Allow the solution to sit for a day

Since oxygen will be required in the first 24 hours of fermentation, ensure you do not close the airlock. The purpose of leaving the lid off during the first day is to allow quicker fermentation.

  • Fix the lid

After you have allowed your solution to sit for a whole day without the lid, now close the top to ensure no air is entering or leaving the fermentation vessel.

  • Add water to the airlock and allow the mixture to ferment

In this step, you are almost finishing up. After adding water, you will allow the release of carbon dioxide. That will let yeast to begin producing ethanol and carbon dioxide. Allow the mixture to ferment for ten days. Since your alcohol will now be ready, you need something to purify the alcohol by removing the suspended yeast and other unwanted particles, and lastly, siphon the alcoholic liquid as you prepare to enjoy responsibly.

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