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London's Escape Room Adventures

London's Escape Room Adventures

Held up in a room, you have just one hour to move out and only a chain of huge puzzles to assist you. For most people, this may seem like staying in hell. 

However, for many others, it is an exciting way to spend time with your friends. There are various basic guidelines: avoid kicking the door downwards, switch off the fire signal, or scale the air vents since, i) it isn't the exciting mode of escaping, and ii) it destroys the mystic for each one, particularly the developers observing you through the mirror. 

Currently, it appears that there exists an escape room within every abandoned cellar, secret station, as well as office building you come by; hence, we have singled out the most exciting to enable you to pick what suits your style.  

Below are some of the best places in London to crash up and break out:

Escape Plan, London 

While preparing the best escape rooms, the best place to begin your adventure is the Great Escape. Escape Plan consists of three rooms throughout London, all established against the milieu of the Second World War: 


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The Adventure Starts 

You are a prisoner of war. The only thing you want is to break loose, and beat the record of being the first inmate to accomplish that. Applying his signs and some physical strength, you must think, interpret, and sneak your path to liberty. 

The War for Britain 

Indeed, not before has anyone owed a lot to very few, up to date, since the rosy Luftwaffe are once more at it. In a disastrous defense plan, you won't enter the control room before unveiling a chain of mind-teasing mysteries. It is more or less like Siri choosing to shut your mobile phone and replacing the password with the quadratic equation. The excellent turn here is that upon entering, the critical point is not just to get free but also to correctly position the security guards and make sure your weapons are in the right airspace to defeat the Germans. 

Level the Barrel

Once you have outdone the Luftwaffe, and fundamentally emerged the winner, it is now time for raising your knee. But those dishonorable Champagne guys at in the controls have concealed all the drinks. Fortunately, the Air Commodore is out on a business mission while the cat is away. The mice have just one hour to enter the office, locate the supply, and squash the butt.


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AIM Escape Rooms

Your objective at AIM? For you to get out of one of the four wicked rooms, each furnished with mysteries that test each part of your noddle, from swiftness and hustle to side thinking and cautious operation of tricky props instruments.  

Patient Zero 2150

A sophisticated, innovative room where you must protect the whole planet from an infectious, genetically adapted pathogen threatening to change the human race to zombies.

The Hidden City in London 

Visualize an escape room as big as a city. Unrestricted by your cellar's four walls, submarine, tomb, or garrison you will anticipate to travel around London, down alleys and into rare spots resolving clues delivered to your mobile phone, and offered to you by elements you will encounter on the way. Anticipate to be steered into cafes, pubs, bookshops, and galleries discovering secreted items and intermingling with physical mysteries. Nine games are running daily, including Moriart's play, The Cheshire cat hunting, and The enchanted Mirror. 

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