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London's Secret Gardens

London's Secret Gardens

London is among the most beautiful cities across the world. As residents we have been blessed with various parks where you relax and unwind from those lively activities around town. 

Parks such as Regents Park and Hyde Park entice millions of travelers annually, sections of the town's most thrilling green areas are discovered by us dwellers. 

Move a bit out of your way, and you will uncover many secret treasures nicely hidden around the city. Ranging from tropical greenhouses to isolated landscape reserves, these are superior hidden gardens you must visit!  

St Ethelburga's Garden 

Construction sites and multistory offices surround this garden located in Liverpool Street. The green area outside the St Ethelburga's Centre for 'Reconciliation and Peace' is exceptionally isolated from the town's frantic speed, even though it lies directly below the Heron Tower shadow; need a quiet moment to yourself inside the hustle and bustle? You'll find it here.

Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park  

Richmond Park, the city's most prominent green space, has many stunning areas of adventure. However, Isabella Plantation in the southern part of the park is an excellent, beautiful site that is worth a visit. 

The Barbican Greenhouse 

Listed second to Kew Gardens in terms of size, Barbican Conservatory is another excellent site that is still undiscovered by many London residents. Its doors are opened during Sundays only, which provides the reason for its obscurity, yet it is an inspiring tropical space worth seeking out. 

The Pergola, Hampstead 

Located in Hampstead, The Pergola is considered among the hidden treasures in London. The outstanding building was established around 1904 by a wealthy property owner but was slowly destroyed and submerged by the neighborhood's foliage. At present, there is a total calmness to be observed here, and it is a fantastic site to have fun around north London. 


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Highbury Square 

Many Arsenal fanatics meet regularly to absorb the attractive art deco frontage of their previous stadium situated along Avenell Street. Yet, most of them do not realise the hidden square located behind it. This green garden allows you to spend your sunny summer holiday on what was once the sanctified field of Highbury

Keats House

The fantastic and separated spaces around Keats House found in Hampstead motivated the most lasting passionate prose in the early 19th century. John Keats, the poet, lived and worked from here between 1918 and 1920. 

The Phoenix Garden 

This public garden near the Covent Garden is a relaxing and calm location for those looking to total escapism. It is among the most beautiful green areas in London and an excellent location for taking photos. 

The Green Spaces around Charles Dickens Museum

Enjoy your cup of coffee while perusing through Charles Dickens Museum gardens. St Andrews Gardens and Brunswick Square gardens are also close-by. 

Barnsbury Wood

The 0.35-hectare garden located in Islington is listed among the smallest landmark reserves in London. 

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