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The Best Happy Hour Venues in London

The Best Happy Hour Venues in London

The Best Happy Hour Venues in London

Affordable is a well-used and sometimes posher synonym for cheap. Cheap alcohol that doesn’t resemble paint stripper can be difficult to come by especially in the larger cities. To accommodate the dilemma of a desire to drinks, but the need to prevent a black hole in the pocket, the ever-popular happy hour not only continues to exist, but it thrives.

More and more venues are becoming creative in how they advertise and present their happy hour deals in order to attract even the most reluctant of punters.

Whether you prefer to wet your throat with champagne or beer, spirits or wine, there is a place in London that will make your happy hour all the happier and with the requisite atmosphere and company to boot.

Whether it’s a bar, a restaurant or a craft café that you’re looking for to while away that time of the day when you want to hang out with friends or quietly come down from a nightmare day at the office, the variety available is something that only the city lights can offer.

Drink Shop Do is a positively quaint establishment that converts from a café during the day to a bar at night time. This metamorphosis makes the ambience very appealing especially to the curiosity in all of us. When inner city establishments can be so expensive that need to take out a mortgage to go out for the evening, you can grab a glass of wine, two beers or a cocktail of your choice for a mere fiver here. You’d better test this place before the word gets out and you can’t get in! Happy hour starts at 5 pm and continues until 8 pm so don’t miss the train.

When the locals love a place, the tourists know that it’s the place to go and BOHO in Camden is no exception. Tucked away down a little side street this local offering great British fayre, their deals are hard to beat. At £9 for two cocktails, you won’t find a more affordable place to refresh yourself after a long day. Certainly, not in the inner city. Happy Hour starts at 4 pm and ends at 7 pm and on Tuesdays they have happy hour on pizza too with a two for one deal. Not to be sneezed at.

Patch, a well-established city venue also has offers that can’t be beaten. Offering all sorts of adventurous beverages, they also have five beers for fifteen pounds on offer for the more conservative drinker. A comfortable atmosphere with a somewhat retro feel to it, it is nothing less than thoroughly modern. Their happy hour starts at 4:30 pm and continues until 7 pm. Get there quick before the beer runs out!

The Defectors Weld has an interesting approach to prices during Happy hour. It would seem that the more you drink, the cheaper it gets as the first cocktail costs £8 which is still less than the average London price of £10, but if you come back for more, the second one will only knock back by £1. Phoar! That’s a bargain. Close to the 02 in Shepherd’s Bush, this is a great place to meet up with friends before a Gig and their happy hour is awesome. Monday to Saturday 5 pm to 7 pm, but on a Sunday from 5 pm to 11 pm. Imagine all that affordable booze and on a school night…

If you’re travelling through or across the capital, then chances are you’ll navigate your way through Kings Cross. In the event of this happening, you’d be downright insane to give Simmons bar a miss. Although their presence is growing as a chain, they haven’t lost the old school touch, where the lack of symmetry is exactly what makes it such a great place to be. An eye-watering five-hour happy hour – excuse the paradox, brings the best offers yet to be found anywhere. Whether you’re partaking of the fruit of the vine, your favourite beer or a cocktail, you can get any of them for a scrooge-like-cost of £2.50. No, that’s not a misprint. For an additional £5, you can make it a Prosecco at this fabulous establishment. If possible get in and grab your seat just before the start of this happy hour marathon because popularity is witness to their success.

Finding the right place to enjoy happy hour at whatever real length of time you choose to define it, need not be difficult whether you are a local resident or a visitor to this amazing city that never sleeps. Apart from the evident bargains to be had, you may find yourself in some of the most entertaining company too.

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