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The Best International Watering Holes in London

The Best International Watering Holes in London

The Best International Watering Holes in London

London considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world is a treasure trove of international wining and dining. You do not need to leave the city to enjoy a wealth of international wines, beverages and cuisine. In fact, a well-planned weekend would provide you with an international taste experience that few other cities can offer.


Never been to Japan? Unsure about the food. Look no further. In London, there are two places that will fill your Japanese boots without even having to leave the UK.  The first – Kurobuta, now an established landmark in Marble Arch, is open every day of the week and serves the real thing in a comfortable bar like environment. So, if you’re looking for a little more than a bit of Sushi with your Sake, this is the place to explore.

The second - Akari can be easily compared as the same but different. A seeming paradox, nevertheless you will enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine with a selection of oriental alcohol choices that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Whether it is beer, wine or liqueurs, your senses will be heightened, and you’ll never look at foreign drinks in the same way again.


Belgo has a long-established presence in London, so much so that it has grown from the original restaurant and bar in Chalk Farm to four additional London locations, one in Kent and one in Nottingham. The best of Belgian beer can be in the relaxed, friendly environment, and you may even be daring enough to explore some of the flavours that you didn’t know existed. The clever layout at Belgo Noord forces almost forces social interaction, so it’s a good place to go especially when your international taste adventure is a solo effort. The medieval cuisine will beat any copycats in the capital hands down too.

South African

High Timber is a South African restaurant that cannot go unmentioned. While stocking the European master classics, they also serve the best of Award winning South African wines from the globally acclaimed Stellenbosch wine estates. You will also discover the best of anything you would find on an upmarket South African menu. SO why mention this place where most people are looking for a watering hole. It would be remiss to mention that they have two exclusive hire facilities in the form of private dining rooms that would be hard to beat even in the most upper class of London establishments. Located in Central London, close to the tube, bus stops and an abundant choice hacks and private hire, don’t miss this one.


We cannot mention international themed watering holes without a must visit to Walkabout. Although Walkabout is a chain of informal Australian themed bars found across the UK, they have not loss their authenticity in their countrywide growth. In typical Aussie fashion, their venues are about food and drink, sport and not to mention the party. London’s Walkabout venue can be found in West Central London in Temple Place close to the station offering all the usual safe methods home after a night’s indulgence in the best that Australia has to offer in its diaspora.


Of course, the adventurous itch in all of us wants to visit Machu Picchu at some point in our lives, however when that is still a little too far in the distance a visit to Ceviche in Soho is the next best thing. This Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco bar will have you fooled into believing that you are miles away on another continent lapping up the hospitality of the locals. With a menu that offers superfoods that provide a gastronomically incredible taste as well as the best pisco sours outside of Lima you won’t want to leave – aside from the other three locations where their sister venues offer similar cuisine, you won’t find anything like this elsewhere in London. Go on – you want to try it. You’ll love it.


Forget the expensive plane tickets and accommodation. The spirit of the Mardi Gras can be found right here in the heart of London. Weave your way to Camden town and be sure to arrive early at Made in Brazil. With a funky basement bar appropriately named Copacabana, accompanied by the best of Latino music, you will dance the Samba all night while imbibing the best exotic cocktails to be found in the city. Want a private beach style party? The good news is that the Copacabana is also available for private hire. Don’t miss it, the food, the drink and the party will keep you going all night!

While this is only a small selection of different environments across London’s eclectic mix of nightlife locations almost anything you experience at these places can be reproduced at home. Remember however to always do it safely.

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