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The Most Popular Drinks at Student Parties

The Most Popular Drinks at Student Parties

In every season and semester, students have a reason to throw in a party for themselves. They do graduation parties, birthdays, after winning a game, etc. A student party without drinks is not a party. They bring in all types of drinks, from hard drinks, beverages, and soft drinks. 


Food is important at a student party but drinks are what determine if the party is memorable or not. Although drinks are important in a student party, not every drink qualifies to be brought in.


Jungle juice

One of the most common college party drinks is Jungle juice. It’s a cocktail of fruit juice made by mixing several fruits. It’s mostly served as an appetizer or before alcohol is served. Students who don’t love alcohol take this juice. Some students go overboard and mix it with alcohol to give it a sour taste. It’s a better way to improvise everything that can be found in a cocktail.


Whiskey Sour 

It’s not clear why the manufacturer thought to create whiskey sour but some students might have a better idea. It’s sour in whatever way you take it. If it was sweet, most students would consume it without measure and get a terrible hangover the next day. But due to its sourness, students can only sip a smaller quantity at a time.


Whiskey Sour


Student parties are important because they help build networks, friendships and build social skills. Drinks at a student party act as the bonding factor but sometimes a student might drink too much and get hangovers the next couple of days. Organizing parties take a lot of time and commitment. During such times, essay writing help can be important to students. If you can’t write your papers because you are deep into organizing a party, essay writing help by Uk.EduBirdie will be the right place to get help. They help students with their papers so that they concentrate every moment on planning for their party or other activities. 


Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

This drink is common at summer parties because it’s best taken when cold. If the party is in the open, attendants can relax and move around holding their glass of cold raspberry lemonade juice. It’s made using fresh mint leaves, syrup, and lemon juice. 


Cranberry Sparkler

Cranberry Sparkler is not alcohol but a cocktail drink. It can be bought from the stores or prepared during the party using the right ingredients. It’s made using cranberry juice, lemon juice, water, and an orange wedge. Many students love this cocktail, especially those who don’t take alcohol. Making it during the party also helps the students to get creative and actively participate in the party.  


Vodka & Tonic Cocktail


Malt drinks

Malt beverages cannot be classified as alcoholic drinks or soft drinks. They are in between the two but they make a great choice for student parties. These are drinking such as malt tea, Smirnoff ice, and malt Guinness. They contain artificial sweeteners and you can drink dozens of bottles without worrying you will fall off your seat. 


Dirty Girl Scout

Like its name, Dirty girl scout can make the party really dirty. Everyone is free to drink as much as they can but it has another purpose. It’s an interactive drink taken during the wee hours. The person drinking is put in the center and the rest pour the drink on them, mock them, and do all sorts of creepy things. 


Bar Cocktails



Various vodkas are common in a student party but the most common is Smirnoff. Mostly, it doesn’t matter the type of Smirnoff vodka it is but the more common brands are the red, blue, expresso, and black Smirnoff. Those students who want to feel they are strong drink this vodka but as with other alcoholic drinks, their knees soon way and they begin to stagger. The next day they feel drowsy, have headaches and hangovers. 


White claws

White claws are a good alternative for beer or other sour drinks. It’s flavored and comes in a variety of flavors, such as grapes, cherry, mango, and lime. The drink is considered to be more feminine but during parties, it doesn’t really matter who drinks it since it’s a sharing moment. 


In Conclusion 

Often, college students organize parties to celebrate various achievements. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation, new year, victory after the competition, student parties can never be complete without drinks. There are a variety of drinks present at each student party but the commonest are the common whiskey brands, juice cocktails, malt beverages, and beer. There might not be any prescribed protocol on how they are consumed but party attendants are free to take the drink of their choice any time during the party hours.  



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