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The Ultimate Guide to Prosecco, the Italian Sparkling Wine

The Ultimate Guide to Prosecco, the Italian Sparkling Wine

Given that it’s readily available, it’s not surprising that Prosecco is experiencing a surge in popularity. With its fruity flavour and fizziness, this sparkling wine is a staple in most cocktails, especially during the summer season. The fact that it’s so darn affordable doesn’t hurt either!

But what exactly qualifies a sparkling wine to be given the title ‘Prosecco’? More importantly, where does this wine hail from? Read on to learn what Prosecco is and where it comes from.

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is a sparkling wine, which means that it contains considerably higher levels of carbon dioxide. This is why it produces tons of bubbles once it’s poured into a glass.

For many individuals, Prosecco is the first of these kinds of wines that they ever try, and it’s an excellent introduction to the ‘bubbly’ world.


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Where is Prosecco From?

One of the easiest ways to distinguish liquor is through their place of origin. In the case of Prosecco, the wine is produced in a tiny village in Veneto called Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Friuli Venezia is another key area of this wine’s production.

Both of these regions are located in north eastern Italy, and they’re very picturesque. If you’re ever in the area, you should tour these rolling hills dominated with vineyards.

How is Prosecco Made?

Before we delve into how it’s produced, it’s important to note that the wine is made from Glera grapes. Originating from Slovenia, these white grapes were initially known as Prosecco; hence the name of the wine. In fact, the grapes were renamed Glera just a couple of years ago by the European Union.

Another aspect used to identify Prosecco wine entails the production method used. To be specific, it’s made using a bulk technique known as Charmat. Glera grapes are usually harvested in September. After harvesting, their juices are extracted and mixed with yeast and sugar to make still wine. 


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The still wine is stored in massive stainless steel tanks. The manufacturer then incorporates more sugar and yeast at this point.

This causes the wine to ferment a second time, a process that produces bubbles. Since these bubbles have nowhere to escape to, they end up dissolving into the wine. Finally, the Prosecco wine is stored in bottles and sold for immediate consumption.

The Charmat production technique is a lot faster and cheaper compared to the methods used to make champagne and cava. This explains why Prosecco is cheaper than other types of wines.

What does Prosecco Taste Like?

One of the reasons why this sparkling wine is so popular is because it’s easy to sip.

Although its flavor differs from one brand to another, this wine mostly has gentle notes of citrus, apple, pear, blossom and sometimes a bit of honey. The alcohol content is usually between 11% and 12%.


Hailing from the north eastern regions of Italy, Prosecco is one of the best-tasting sparkling wines. It’s made from Glera (prosecco) grapes, using a mass-production method called Charmat. This wine, which is pretty affordable, is loved for its tasty fruity notes and floral aromas.

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