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Are Gin And Vodka The Same?

Are Gin And Vodka The Same?

Are Gin And Vodka The Same?

Do you love drinking spirit drinks? Studies indicate that it’s only a few people who know the difference between different spirit drinks. Generally, six base liquors form a foundation for many cocktails. The six base liquors include the vodka, gin, rum, brandy, whisky and tequila. In this article, we shall majorly discuss much the two most popular spirit drinks. Almost all the cocktails sold in various part of the world mix vodka and gin.  To help you understand more about the two mentioned spirit drinks, we have researched some of the differences between the two and some other essential information. Some of the things you need to know about vodka and gin include.

What is Vodka?

Vodka is simply a distilled spirit obtained from ethanol and water. The word vodka came from a Russian word Voda that means water. Three essential processes must be undergone to get vodka. Those processes are fermentation, distillation and filtration. Things such as grain, fruits, potatoes, grapes, corn, roots, sugar and many more can make vodka.

Other things to know about Vodka

Vodka Taste

One of the distinctive features that can help you to differentiate vodka and gin is the taste. Vodka is tasteless spirit while various botanicals flavour gin. Vodka and gin get used interchangeably. The flavour of the vodka may vary depending on the flavourings added

What are the ingredients used to make vodka 

To make vodka, you need to have the right ingredient. Although there are various things, you can use to make vodka, the main ingredient that can make the best quality vodka is potatoes and grains.


What is the number of calories contained in a vodka shot?

A single vodka shot contains 64 calories. Therefore if you are on your workout routine to increase weight, you can consider taking the spirit mentioned earlier.

Alcohol content

During vodka preparation, the alcohol content in the vodka exceeds the standard content allowed. But after the vodka distillation, the final alcohol content ranges from 40% to 50%. Most of the vodka contains 40% alcohol content.

What is Gin?

Gin is a type of spirit obtains after re-distillation of high proof neutral liquors. Janiper berries are among the most popular gin flavouring agent.

What are some of the differences between gin and vodka?

Since many people do not know the difference between vodka and gin, below we have highlighted some of the few things that can help you to differentiate the two. Those things are:


One of the main difference between gin and vodka lies in the ingredients used. Vodka is made from the distillation of grains and potatoes while gin is obtained from distillation of malt and mixed with juniper berries that provide gin with a unique flavour. A common thing about the two types of spirit is that they can be made from the same ingredients like potatoes.


Although both gin and vodka are all colourless, their taste varies greatly. Vodka is naturally tasteless while gin has a distinctive flavour. The taste of gin gets influenced by the presence of juniper berries flavourings.


For the best mouthfeel when taking vodka, it is good to store it on ice-cold temperatures. Vodka should get served when chilled while gin can get served without chill since it contains its unique flavour.       

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