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How to Drink & Enjoy Tequila

How to Drink & Enjoy Tequila

If there’s one way to guarantee that you’ll have tons of fun when you go out, it’s by taking tequila. Once the bartender brings out that tray of shots, you know that things are about to get a little messy.

Whether you’re a fan of this spirit that was invented by the people of the Aztec or begrudgingly grimace your way through it, there are a few rules of drinking tequila. By following these tips, you can maximize your chances of enjoying this beverage, despite its rather harsh flavour.

Choose your Tequila Wisely

A grand mistake that a lot of us make is to select the wrong type of tequila. The rule of thumb here is to choose tequila made solely from agave sugar or rather the fermented juice extracted from the agave plant.

Why? Because the non-agave components are usually low-quality, less natural, and they impact the flavour of the drink negatively. This explains why you sometimes end up with such bad hangovers (since the blend contains sugar as an additive).


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Keep in mind that some tequila brands advertise that their beverages are made from blue agave. However, unless they say that it contains 100% agave, you should not buy such.

Find a Style that Works for You

Before you head out to the bar or order your alcoholic beverage online, familiarize yourself with tequila lingo. This spirit goes by other terms depending on how long it’s been aged:

  • Blanco- tequila doesn’t get much purer than Blanco. Coming directly from the distillery, this type of tequila has a fruity tone and is perfect for making cocktails and mixed drinks.
  • Reposado- this tequila is one that has been aged for between 2 and 11 months. The aging, which is done in oak barrels, gives tequila a slight golden colour. It also helps to reduce the tequila bite, which makes for a much smoother flavour.
  • Añejo- this is where you start reaching for top-shelf tequila brands as they’re aged for anywhere between 1 and 5 years.
  • Extra Añejo- this tequila is quite rare, and it’s usually aged for a minimum period of 3 years. These tequilas also vary significantly, due to the equipment used for the aging process.

If it’s your first time taking tequila, we recommend Añejo. It has a better flavour as it has not been rushed to maturity.


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Adhere to the Sipping Protocol

Want to get the best experience from drinking tequila? Then, you should learn the right way of sipping this drink.

  • First, pour about an ounce of tequila in a snifter or tequila glass. Next, hold the glass by the stem and elevate it to your eye level. Have a look at its hue.
  • Swirl it gently as you observe how it clings to the glass walls.
  • Finally, take a tiny sip and be sure to swish it around in your mouth so that you can soak in the full flavour. Swallow and repeat the process from scratch.


Tequila is a spirit that’s extracted from the blue agave plant. This alcoholic beverage goes well with almost every cuisine. But if you want to have the best experience, start by choosing one that’s made purely from agave. Next, find a style that works for you and learn the sipping protocol.

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