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Why Does Alcohol Make You Drunk?

Why Does Alcohol Make You Drunk?

Many people have been trying to understand how alcohol makes one drunk. It is an exciting thing to read since you will know what happens when one drinks. By knowing the way alcohol works, you will be able to know when to stop drinking and much more. Alcohol does not work instantly; that is why many people become over drunk because they do not feel the effect at once. In the process of drinking more beer to make you feel drunk, you end up overdrinking. It is essential to know that some kinds of alcoholic beverages require some time to exhibit stimulation effects.

Below we have discussed some of the things you need to know to understand how alcohol makes a person drunk. Those things include;

How does alcohol make you drunk?

The alcohol works by altering the moods. Some specific nerves help in passing the messages from the brain to other body parts. When those nerves are affected but the effect of alcohol, they slow down their response. As one continues to drink an alcoholic beverage, the alcohol penetrates the bloodstream.


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Ethanol has properties that enable it to penetrate in between the cells. When the alcohol infiltrates the brain cells, it causes interference with the working of neurotransmitters that helps the brain to work effectively. Some warnings can help you to know that you are getting drunk, and you need to control the alcohol intake. When you ignore such signs, there are high chances of losing control since your brain is working abnormally.

What are the signs and warnings of drunkenness?

If you start experiencing any of the below signs, it’s a clear indication that you need to pause drinking alcohol until you get normal. Some of those signs include;

  • Start seeing things in double

After having several glasses of beer or any other alcoholic beverage, you may start seeing things differently. That is one of the most common signs that should let you know that you are getting drunk. Continuing to drink more liquor at this point, you might start behaving abnormally. Therefore if you start seeing your friends as if they are more than the actual number, it is definite that you are drunk.

  • Feel unsteady on your feet

One of the other common signs of getting drunk is by trying to stand and feel like you are weak. At this point, most of the alcohol has already penetrated in your bloodstream. Before you continue drinking, ensure you can stand well, and if you feel weak, then it’s an indication that you need to stop taking more alcohol.

  • Start talking things you cannot control

It is easy to know when one is drunk though the person is talking. When one is drunk, the person starts talking about different things. Some things are incomplete, while others do not make sense.

  • You start feeling light-headed

Finally, after drinking a few glasses of beer, you may start feeling giddy. Different people think dizziness after taking a varying number of beers. It all depends on how frequent one drinks alcohol. If you are drinking the beer for the first time, one beer is enough to make you feel light-headed.

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