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How to Hold a Stemmed Wine Glass Correctly

How to Hold a Stemmed Wine Glass Correctly

Many people love drinking wine, but they do not take some time to learn about wine etiquette. Different types of wine require you to hold their glasses differently. For instance, the way to hold red wine is not the same as the way you should hold sparkling wine. In this article, we discuss:

Different Ways to Hold Stemmed Wine Glasses

When holding a stemmed glass, three fingers should play the most prominent role. That is the index finger, middle finger, and thumb. By ensuring the above-listed fingers are in the right places, holding a stemmed glass when drinking a glass of wine becomes easy.

Therefore to hold the stemmed glass, you need to ensure you the stem of the glass between the thumb, middle finger, and the index finger. Avoid placing the finger on the upper half of the glass. Do not allow any other finger apart from the listed ones to touch the stem of your glass. The other remaining finger (two fingers) are supposed to rest around the top of the glass base.

  • Pinch the stem using your index finger.

The other way of holding your stemmed glass is though wrapping the index finger in one side of the glass stem and then support the other side of the stemmed glass with the thumb’s tip. To maintain the glass in the right position, you need to keep your hard position on the lower part of the stem. The other three fingers should be placed in a way that they curl into the palm of your hand.


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  • Hold the stem above the base

Holding the stemmed wine glass above its base is another best way to hold wine. To hold it well, you need to pinch the stem using the tip of the thumb. During the process of pinching the glass, the other fingers should rest after you have used the other two fingers to support the base. Many people fail to put the thumb in its correct position. Remember placing the thumb finger wrongly can make you drop the glass.

  • Use your thumb to lever the glass base

In this way, you need to keep only your thumb over the base of the glass and allow the other finger to offer necessary support at the bottom of the glass. For the best support, when using this technique, one should ensure the other finger are not in contact with the glass but slightly curve towards the palm.

If you are using a stemless glass, you need to hold the glass towards its base and minimise the area of contact. Holding the wine glass in the right way has various reasons. Some of those reasons include; to provide maximum support, maintain the temperature of the wine, portray wine etiquettes, and many more.

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