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London's Alcohol Distilleries

London's Alcohol Distilleries

To the novice, spirits are merely bitter drinks that burn as they slide down your throat. But for booze lovers, they’re nothing but liquid gold.

If you want to appreciate spirit genuinely, there’s nothing better than visiting the source. In the same way that wine tastes better at a vineyard, and a salmon fresh out of the lake, your favourite liquor will taste better at a distillery.

Even if you’re not looking to sample any spirits, imagine being able to observe how your favourite drink is prepared from scratch. Enlightening, right?

Not sure of where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the best alcohol distilleries in London.

City of London Distillery

Often abbreviated as COLD, this acronym is a befitting name for this distillery. This is considering the fact that the best way to enjoy their dry gin is by pouring it over tons of ice.

Before its establishment in 2012, Londoners had never had a gin distillery within the city for at least 200 years. Thus, it’s not surprising that COLD’s popularity grew pretty quickly. The distillery is tucked away on a side street, close to the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral.


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Once you arrive at the site, you’ll be greeted by very friendly staff and offered gin and tonic. Next, you’ll be led to a different room where one of their staff will briefly explain the gin distilling process. Overall, you'll really enjoy the distillery tour.

Beefeater Gin Distillery

Located in south London, Beefeater is another gin distillery worth paying a visit. For utmost convenience, the company allows you to book a tour through their website.

One thing that impresses us about this distillery is the fact that it’s completely wheelchair accessible. It even has strategically-located toilets and baby change areas. Essentially, the owners have thought about their customers’ needs; hence designed their facility uniquely.

The best part is, the tours are available from Monday through Saturday. Looking for an adventure? Book a tour with Beefeater and learn how your favourite drink is made. 

East London Liquor Company

If you want to get the full experience of learning how different kinds of spirits are prepared, East London Liquor Company is the distillery to visit.

Founded in 2012, this venture actually started out as a project. Alex Wolpert, the owner, had devoted a whole year to searching for the ideal location to establish a distillery. He identified East London as a potential area; hence set it up there.

In the 8 years it’s been in existence, East London Liquor Company has become a producer of not just gin but also vodka, and whisky. When it comes to gins, the distillery makes three different types. The London Dry gin is its signature drink with the other two being the Darjeeling Premium Batch No.1 gin (infused with tea) and the herbaceous Premium Batch No. 2 gin. 


If you’re a true booze lover, nothing beats the experience of visiting a distillery. Not only will you enjoy a guided tour of the distillery, but also be presented with an opportunity to prepare your own drink while you’re there.

Looking for a weekend adventure? Book a tour or plan an individual trip to one of London’s top alcohol distilleries.

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