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Out and about in London

Out and about in London

There are many top attractions dotted all over London, we’ve picked a few of our favourites we think you will also enjoy! 

Primrose Hill, London 

Primrose Hill is among the most visited places in London. There are various things that one can enjoy on the attraction mentioned above site. Some of the things you can enjoy in primrose hill include watching fireworks, a clear sky, view of the city, and many more things. The area has a vast field that can accommodate many people. Therefore you do not need to worry about crowded places, especially during this period of covid19, where maintaining social distance is mandatory.

Enjoy riding the Mail Train

Do you enjoy walking around as you explore historic objects around? Then it would help if you considered enjoying a ride on a historic mail train in London. Many people arrive to enjoy a ride on the mail train each day. Here you will have a chance to enjoy a ride on an ancient tunnel at high speed. Such memories will always leave your mind yearning for more vacation to London.

Enjoy a few drinks in Bermondsey, London

London provides a serene environment to drink a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Various brewing companies offer a variety of alcoholic drinks at a pocket-friendly price if you need to enjoy drinking with your friends, the above mentioned place in the best for you.

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The London Eye

Do you need to see the world's largest cantilevered observation wheel that will leave you amazed? Then the right place you need to visit in London. That wheel is among the few features that have left many people wondering. There are a lot o enjoy in the area such an area since it marks as one of the famous landmarks in London. Taking a picture or enjoy a cold drink in such a place can offer a remarkable experience.

The Tower of London

If you like enjoying a broad view of a city or a large area while standing on a raised place, then the Tower of London is the best place for you. Also, you will be able to learn amazing facts about the Tower of London.

The View from the Shard, London

One of the best ways to view the city of London in a better view is by choosing the right point. Shard is among the most preferred places that stand as an iconic view of the city. The building stretches above 40 miles, and this offers you greater viewing experience.

Some of the other fun attractions in London we also love but haven't mentioned include: Westminster Abbey, the River Thames, the graffiti at Leake Street, and a trip to the Imperial War Museum.

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