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Top 4 Essential Rules for Drinking Brandy

Top 4 Essential Rules for Drinking Brandy

Brandy is a highly versatile drink that’s made by distilling wine or a fermented fruit mash. Often, the fruit used in its production is grape. However, you’re free to use other kinds of fruits- from apples to apricots and peaches.

This alcoholic beverage was quite popular in ancient bars, which is why it’s still used to make some of the best classic cocktails. Some of the countries that consume the most brandy include Brazil, Germany, Russia, India and the Philippines.

If you love this beverage, you might be wondering about the best way to drink it. Well, in this post, we’ll explain the best ways to enjoy brandy.

1. Drinking Brandy Neat

One of the best ways to enjoy such a classic drink is by drinking it neat. This means drinking it on its own as opposed to adding ice or preparing a cocktail using other alcoholic beverages.

If you have a well-aged brandy, consider drinking it neat so that you’re able to soak in all the flavours. Although chilled brandy tastes great, the ice ruins the flavour by diluting it once it melts.



2. Invest in a Brandy Snifter

In case you’re new to the world of booze, a brandy snifter looks fairly similar to a wine glass. However, it has a much shorter stem and a voluminous bowl, which makes for a low center of gravity. While it was designed specifically to serve brandy, you’re free to serve any spirit using this glass. Plus, it comes in an array of sizes. The majority of brandy snifters can accommodate up to 60 ml.

What makes a brandy snifter so special is the fact that it helps to concentrate the tenuous flavour and aroma of this drink at the top of the glass. A quality and clean snifter also prevents other flavours from ruining that of brandy.

3. Drink Brandy at Room Temperature

Whenever possible, you should always drink brandy as soon as it’s prepared, that is, at room temperature. Although wine and brandy are pretty similar, it’s not advisable to leave brandy to sit for a long time as you would with wine. Doing so will only cause the volatile alcohols to evaporate; hence, interfering with its flavour.

4. Use your Hand to Warm the Brandy

If you’re using a snifter, hold it in the palm of your hand as a way of warming the brandy. The benefit of warming this beverage is that it enhances its flavour and aroma. 

Alternatively, you can warm the glass by filling it with warm water, then pouring it out before serving the brandy. You can also heat the base of the glass over an open flame.

However, be careful not to overheat the glass. If you overheat the glass, chances are that the alcohol present in the brandy will evaporate, ruining its flavour. Lastly, never swirl a brandy snifter as some individuals do with wine glasses. Swirling causes this beverage to lose some of its subtle aromas.


Want to have the best experience drinking the classic old brandy? If you do, there are a few points you should keep in mind. One, consider drinking brandy neat, that is, without adding ice or mixing it in a cocktail.

Two, use a brandy snifter to enjoy all the flavours. Finally, drink at room temperature, don’t swirl and warm the brandy snifter to enhance its aroma and taste.

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