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3 of The Most Famous Pubs in London

3 of The Most Famous Pubs in London

Put aside all your worries concerning traveler traps and fake reality, and let’s focus on the most popular pubs within the City of London. 

Within a city like London, so inseparably connected to famous pubs, you will find, on each corner, a boozer making dubious accounts. One may claim to be the owner of the chips and fish in points, being the first pub owner around the city, or working on behalf of Charles Dickens, a thing that can make it hard for you to distinguish the real deals from the fake ones. 

Yet, there is no cause for alarm, following our begrudgingly – truthfully – visits to several pubs around London, we have compiled a list of some of the famous pubs you shouldn’t miss when in London. Ranging from having hosted the French resistance throughout World War II to a bar so desirable that it makes you feel you are on Christmas each day of your visit, here are the top 3 most famous pubs in London that provide an authentic experience. 


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1. Cross Keys

Although natural lighting is missing at the table, what the pub loses from the sun, the array of sparkling red bulbs covers for the same by illuminating the traditional pub and offering the warm and festive glow you can ever imagine. A refreshing craft beer drink isn’t one of the experiences. Instead, it is all about the unique atmosphere emanating from the different collection of revelers, from market shoppers to West end customers, fashion scholars to natives (nearly) as aging as the furniture itself.  

2. Jerusalem Tavern

From the initial observation, you will realize that the Clerkenwell pub’s inside is like a reclamation of the 18th century. Yet, the structure was only turned into a pub around the 1990s. Provided that the nonexistent vintage isn’t something to hold back a pub, you will realize that indeed it was created by a person with a liking for classic drinkers. An auburn box pub that won’t seem misplaced within a Victorian highway setting, the stunningly rickety inside is even as alluring as its prerogative among the best pubs around London City. Whatever is missing regarding the early history may be found within its environs, which once served as a home to the famous St. John’s Knights. 

3. Lamb (Bloomsbury)

Situated near West End, this wonderful social amenity can be an excellent destination for anyone traveling around the significant locations in Central London on any given day. It’s Conduit Road is considered among the finest in Bloomsbury. Going through the entrance is akin to getting into a time deviation that takes you to a humbler moment when a mobile phone was only a blink in the inventor’s eye, and the art of communication was everything. What is more interesting about this pub is that everyone is acceptable; however, raising voices is not permissible. It is merely a place to quietly sip your beer as there is no policy regarding music. Once inside, you will be able to make yourself comfortable on the tartan carpet. The exterior is entirely about the magnificent green frontage.

The Verdict 

There is nothing so fascinating, like getting yourself into a place that offers the best ambiance for relaxation. As such, London has a rich history, especially when it comes to social life and merry making. In this case, if you are planning for a visit to the city, you have various pub options to unwind after a tedious day. Make your holiday count by checking into any of the pubs mentioned above. 

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