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What is Rum Made From?

What is Rum Made From?

Rum is a kind of distilled alcoholic spirit made after fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice or molasses. The process of making the rum is effortless since it does not require various ingredients and complex procedures to make. The distillation obtained after the process of making the rum is a clear liquid that is aged in barrels of oak.

One can obtain rums of different grades. The difference in rum grades depends on several factors considered during the rum production process. Some of the various rums varieties include light rum, dark rums, golden, and many more. There are also premium rums that should be consumed either iced or straight. This article discusses some of the essential things used to make rum. Also, we shall provide a brief guide on how to make rum.

What are the ingredients used to make rum?

1. Molasses

When you refine sugarcane, you get molasses. When molasses are fermented, they create alcohol. Therefore the purpose of the molasses is to undergo fermentation to produce alcohol. The alcohol produced by fermenting the molasses can be distilled to provide a more pure spirit. The spirit created is known as the rum.


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2. Distilled water

Distilled water is preferred when making rum for several reasons. Some of those reasons include;

From basic chemistry, pure water should boil at 100 °C. That is because the water does not contain any impurities. When water contains impurities such as calcium, magnesium, and many more, it does not boil at the exact temperatures. When making rum, you need to ensure the temperatures used are accurate. Therefore for that reason, distilled water is essential.

Produces quality alcohol

    Using impure water affects things such as rum flavour and quality. Therefore for the best quality, it is crucial to use distilled water. Some minerals present in impure water can make the quality and the flavour of the rum to become weak.

    3. Hydrated yeast

    The purpose of using yeast is to enhance the fermentation process. When there is no oxygen in the fermentation vessel, yeast helps in converting the sugars into alcohol. That is why one needs to close the fermentation vessel to allow the fermentation process. Therefore ensure you have hydrated yeast ready before you begin the process.  


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    4. Processed sugar

    Processed sugar is another essential ingredient required to make rum. Processed sugar improves the fermentation process. 

    Having all the ingredients mentioned above, now you are ready to make a quality rum. Below are some of the steps you need to follow to make rum. They include;

    When preparing the mash, you need to start by placing the distilled water in a boiler. One thing you should ensure in this step is that the boiler is clean to ensure there are no impurities to contaminate the rum.
    Dissolve sugar and the molasses

    In this step, you need to dissolve the things mentioned when the boiler is placed over medium heat. The heat helps the sugar, molasses, and other things to dissolve well.

    Cool the solution and add the yeast

    After dissolving the solution in the previous step, allow the solution to cool to about 28 °C

    Allow the solution to ferment until airlock on the fermentation vessel stops to bubble.
    Allow the mash to sit for about three days to one week
    Lower the temperature
    Carry out the distillation process
    Collect your alcohol


    After collecting the alcohol, you can now perform the final finishes since your rum is ready.

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