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Whiskey Etiquette: How to Drink Whiskey Properly

Whiskey Etiquette: How to Drink Whiskey Properly

Are you planning to attend a big party with your colleagues, friends or relatives? Then there are high chances that you will encounter whiskey on the occasion/party. Whiskey is among the most preferred alcoholic beverage by many people. Therefore it is rare to miss it on various occasions. Drinking whiskey is not a walk in the park for beginners; that is because, as a beginner, you may encounter a different taste from the ones you are familiar with. Remember, it is also a wrong impression to drink your whiskey annoyingly before your colleagues.

Things like spitting alcoholic beverages to your boss or event host at a party are unimaginable. Such a situation can make you always remember that day like it was yesterday. In this article, we have researched for you the best guide on how to drink whiskey like a pro. Some of the essential things include;

The whiskey-drinking rules

Learning the whiskey-drinking rules is the first thing one needs to know before drinking the whiskey. That is because you will be able to determine the various elements to guide you through multiple stages when taking your whiskey. By learning the whiskey-drinking rules, you will be able to know the best way to hold your glass, how to sip, and much more.


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Whiskey-drinking etiquette

The whiskey-drinking etiquette is among the essential thing that one needs to know before having your first sip. Some of the critical things to know about the whiskey-drinking etiquette include;

Avoid spitting or sputtering

Spitting, after taking a sip of whiskey is among the most awkward thing that can embarrass anyone around you. That is because when you spit the whiskey, you will make others not feel comfortable while drinking. Therefore, regardless of the taste, avoid spitting the wine. Nothing is annoying more than spitting the whiskey you are drinking with friends.

Avoid making a face

Although the whiskey might taste different for beginners, you need to avoid making your face. That is because making your face will attract the attention of other people. Making a face after drinking a whiskey will make others stop giving you a whiskey again. That is because you are trying to create an uncomfortable environment for others.


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Sip the whiskey neatly

Some habits can make people regret having you in their party or involving you in their plans. Avoid taking a large sip because huge sips will make you produce unnecessary sounds. Remember, you are enjoying your whiskey and not competing.

The best whiskey-drinking technique to remember

For the best experience when drinking whiskey, there are a few techniques one should employ. Some of those techniques include;

Involve your senses when drinking whiskey

Since whiskey-drinking is a sensory activity, it is essential to involve all your senses before drinking. Avoid drinking the whiskey while your mind is away from the liquor. By including all your thoughts, you will be able to prepare your mind for the whiskey.


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Sniff the whiskey

Nosing the whiskey is another technique for preparing your body before sipping the whiskey. Nosing the whiskey as a beginner will help your body to prepare enough and avoid things such as spitting.

Finally, you need to have a decent place to pour your whiskey. You can choose to have the best glasses to enhance your drinking experience.

By considering all the above-discussed things, you will be able to drink the whiskey like a pro.

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