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Making Apple Vodka from Home

Making Apple Vodka from Home

Making Apple Vodka from Home

If you have been wondering which drink to turn to, Apple Vodka could just be it!  

How to make homemade Apple Vodka

Preparing Apple Vodka isn't as intricate as most of us would believe. The drink comes in a naturally perfect and enlivened flavour that is bound to leave you grinning and contemplating of Fall.

As aforementioned, the process may sound very complicated, but that is not the case. In this recipe, we are going to learn how to go about the whole Vodka making process. As such, you will only need to add your sweet apple pie aromas into vodka and allowing it to soak all the cinnamon and apple flavour. 

To begin with:

  1. Get your cinnamon sticks and sliced apples and put them into a mason jar.
  2. Fill the jar to the top with your vodka. 
  3. Cover the jar and lightly shake it, then place it in your fridge for not less than 48 hours. 
  4. Immediately it sets, using a filter, pour the content to remove the cinnamon and apples. 
  5. Pour the vodka back into the jar, add some simple syrup, then water to fill the remaining space. Stir to mix. 

Yes, your homemade vodka is now ready for drinking. Mix with ice or into an enjoyable brew. This excellent drink will last for between 2 and 3 weeks in your fridge!


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Apple Pie Spritzer

This homemade beverage is yet another fantastic apple drink that will make your evening one of the most memorable. The moment you have a jar full of apple pie vodka, the options are limitless! You can enjoy your home-prepared drink over ice alone, or create several intoxicating beverages. 

The Apple Spritzer is a great drink to share with friends. It is a plain apple juice or apple Cider, club soda, and particular home-manufactured vodka. It is very stimulating, sweet, and ideal during autumn. With this drink, you are sure of making your autumn holidays more relaxed. You can bet that this is indeed the season everyone has been looking forward to throughout the year!

In conclusion

Contrary to what we have been thinking all this time, you can now imagine how easy it is to prepare your apple drink at home. What you didn't know is what makes the apple vodka a thrill. The idea here is that vodka is 100 per cent apples, and maintains a high level of glycerin throughout its span. It keeps a light and a tasty note; hence, generating subtleties you can enjoy while taking a sip at your homemade apple drink. With the naturally high content of glycerin, this apple vodka can boost anything blended or include in a bottle that will enhance even the most straightforward accompaniments. 

That said and done, you can now start picking your apples and cinnamon sticks to start making a drink that will give you the happiest moments. Get started now!

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